Leading the Way by Donating Blood

Did you know that The American Legion is the largest collective blood-donor to the Red Cross? The American Legion adopted Resolution 33, calling for our organziation to assist in Homeland Security preparedness - the blood supply is a matter of Homeland Security.

The most important part about donating blood is to remember that it saves lives.  Waiting for an emergency to donate will not get the blood to the receiver in time.

Blood Donor Programs Near You


The following sites are also available for reference:

Badger Chapter, Madison  -  http://www.arcbadger.org
Lakeland County Chapter  -  http://www.arclakeland.org
Greater Milwaukee Chapter  -  http://www.redcrossinsewis.org
Hawkeye Chapter  -  http://www.hawkeyechapter.org
Greater Chicago Chapter  -  http://www.chicagoredcross.org
Rock River Chapter, Rockford  -  http://chapters.redcross.org/il/rockriver

Once you've helped get the blood on the shelves at the blood center, make sure to complete the annual “Consolidated Post Report.”  

Blood donor information is reported in the National Security section of the report.


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